Marcy Wheeler Makes the World Better

Firedoglake's March Wheeler is one of the bloggers who does work connecting the dots that the rest of the media only sometimes catches up to. (She's also scary smart.)

Now the good folks at Firedoglake are running a campaign to raise $150K “to support Marcy, another investigative blogger to work with her, and a researcher to help them.”

A good cause: Go Organic — No Artificial Blogging. Support Marcy Wheeler!

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One Response to Marcy Wheeler Makes the World Better

  1. Rhodo Zeb says:

    Yes, Marcy is a great read, especially when she has got her teeth into something.

    I was slow to become aware of her, I must have stopped by the The Next Hurrah at some point, but did not make it a habit, but of course the re-birth of FDL made her a household name.

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