Jon Stewart Tackles Obama Derangement Syndrome

Right-wing commentators, probably read by some of my trolls, are going loopy over what they claim is galloping Obama-inspired tyranny. Yes tyranny. Jon Stewart skewers this Obama Derangement Syndrome (he calls it 'Baracknophobia'):

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This other riff, making fun of Obama's trip, is pretty wonderful too:

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00Bama – International Man of History
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After something of a fallow period, Stewart seems back in full form.

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4 Responses to Jon Stewart Tackles Obama Derangement Syndrome

  1. PG says:

    An e-mail from conservative website, with the subject line “Free T.E.A. Protest Sticker for Tax Day Tea Party,” offers a great opportunity to play “which of these does not belong?”:

    “Are you fed up with a Congress and President who voted for a $500 billion tax bill without even reading it, passing trillions of dollars in debt to our great-grandchildren, giving special interest groups billions of dollars in earmarks to help get themselves re-elected, taking your hard-earned money and redistributing it to others, and demanding that doctors perform abortions against their will?”

    Whenever I worry that the Democrats’ economic missteps might turn Americans back toward the Republican Party, I am reassured by things like this that even when Republicans are given what might look like a perfect issue, they will successfully muck it up with their idiocies on social policy.

  2. wheres_the_beef says:

    Whenever I worry the Democrats have the moral high ground and want to bring the country together, their self-anointed elite go around calling everyone else names.

    Whenever I worry the Democrats have uncovered the Messiah, Obama continues to support Bush policies that Democrats infected with BDS riled against, continues wiretapping, wants more troops in Afghanistan, launches missiles into Pakistan, spends money like a drunken sailor on non-stimulus agenda, buys gifts for heads of state from walmart, makes up foreign languages, and ridicules the mentally and physically handicapped.

    Whenever I think the King’s garments are of the finest woven cloth, I consider the Truth and see he has no clothes.

    [Somebody nudge the brownshirt LACJ, that was his cue to attack all who dare blaspheme Obama]

  3. LACJ says:

    Dammit who nudged me!~! I left clear instructions not to be nudged!

    Oh, its you, Lord Barack. Please forgive me… Yes, my liege.

    What? Who? Oh, is it GD again? In the comments section? With the inconsequential snark? Well let me at him!! Arhghhh!!

    Whereas, in reality, the top number one Obama lover of them all…just totally went off on the Big O. I am no good with links but check this out:

    Is it sacrilege? Is it traitorous? Once such acts were deemed as such by the then-ruling faction. Now, everything is different.

    Oh and by the way, brown is so 70s, today those ‘brownshirts’ are ‘redshirts’, which is much hipper and with the young crowd…cool. And they have the profile of Che of course, that is de rigueur anymore.

    I am sure it will be just a few more weeks and then the International Socialists League or however they call themselves these days will totally dominate all college campuses throughout the entire country, within days perhaps.

    I, for one, welcome our socialist youth-fascist masters.

  4. LACJ says:


    Yeah, you got it right, your comment really hit the nail on the head.

    The game plan never changes, and it has gotten quite old.

    No one is getting fooled no more, and it is becoming a real problem. A very big problem. But some people can’t see or accept reality, and so…here we are. Wherever that is.

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