Credit Where Credit Is Due

Roger Ailes:

Now that Navy forces have rescued Richard Phillips and killed three Somali pirates, President Obama's military accomplishments exceed those of Ronald Reagan.

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  1. Mike says:

    Reagan won the Cold War. Give me a break.

  2. jdc says:

    You’ve got to explain this one to me.

  3. bill_c says:

    1. Reagan did not stop Israel from bombing the Iraqi nuclear reactor. Biden/Obama explicitly oppose Israel on this matter. Bush was not the greatest on this either. But Netanyahu is ready to rock given the green light. If Iran goes nuclear, then it will be 100% on Obama.
    2. Reagan bombed the piss out of Libya, and put the fear of allah into Quadaffi. Libya has not been a problem since, supposedly an “ally” in our war on terror.

    All Obama did was give the go-ahead on what was a no-brainer operation. If you think Obama has been tested as a result of this, you are sadly mistaken.

  4. Tear Down This Wall says:

    Are you kidding me? Beating a few half-starved war refugees calling themselves pirates is hardly a military accomplishment. Is Obama really trumpeting this as a military success? Come on – if this were a serious operation, would he REALLY have had time to be clowning around with the press about the choice of a family pet?????

  5. LACJ says:

    Ha ha very tongue in cheek. I think one has to look at the VD Hansen column Roger posts about just before for reference. This is just the kind of thing all the Bush worshipers did for years and years.

  6. no_shalit says:

    Keep an eye on this one…apparently Obama gave the order to shoot if the hostage was in “imminent danger”. What if the pirates had been able to get him to land…or otherwise never place him into “imminent danger”, would the Navy have acted? Or might we have been looking at our own version of Israel’s Gilad Shalit (you know, the soldier that the “peace loving” group hamas is holding captive)? Did Obama qualify the ability of the Navy commander on the scene to act as he saw appropriate?

  7. eck says:

    You’re kidding, right? When did Barack Obama ever serve heroically on the front lines of the 1st Motion Picture Unit’s campaign?

  8. LACJ says:

    Heh. Good one.

    When did Obama heroically enter a darkened soundstage and cut a commercial for medical insurance? Huh? When?

  9. creditor says:

    I already gave Obama credit for inventing a new language, “Austrian”. And my new favorite synonym for “badly, poorly” came from him: “Special Olympics”.

    Just like I give Gore credit for inventing the Internet.

  10. test says:


  11. eck says:

    I already gave Obama credit for inventing a new language, “Austrian”.

    Let’s see:

    In the episode to which you apparently refer, Obama remarked (speaking to an Austrian journalist) that he didn’t know “what the term is in Austrian [for] ‘wheeling and dealing.'”

    Austrian German is a well-defined and firmly established variant with substantial differences in vocabulary from High German.

    I think your point, such as it is, amply illustrates somebody’s ignorance — but alas, not Barack Obama’s.

  12. Mojo says:

    Reagan forced the expenditure of significant amounts of enemy ordnance in Lebanon at the expense of only a cuple of hundred Marines. That’s why Lebanaon has been a beacon of peace and liberty since that time.
    As noted above, Reagan ordered El Dorado Canyon and “Libya has not been a problem since”. Well, there was the Lockerbie bombing and some Scud launches and some SAM launches at US aircraft and the Kilburn execution, and sustained support for terrorist groups all the way into the early 90s, and a few dozen other things like that, but there were explosions on Libyan soil so it counts as a win.
    Oh yeah, he also kicked mighty Grenada’s behind at the cost of only 19 dead and 116 wounded. Pretty darn impressive when faced with a country which nearly had a military.
    So the only question is, “Reagan, one of the greatest military commanders of all time or the greatest?”

  13. creditor says:

    Nice try, but no cigar.

    In Austria business is conducted in standard German. Each region of Austria has its own dialect of German, not “Austrian.” The official language of Austria is German. In America we say “apartment” not “flat”, but that does not mean we have our own language distinct from English.

    In any case, if you want to believe the Glorious One is all knowing that is your prerogative and right.

    I see you have no response to the Glorious One’s mocking of special needs Americans, and I fail to see how its unlikely that one so ignorant as to mock the handicapped would happen to know what language is spoken in Austria.

    You are seeing what happens when the Glorious One doesn’t have his teleprompter handy.

  14. Woof says:

    I wonder if his dog will bark in Portuguese. Or do dogs speak Austrian in Portugal? Better get a teleprompter for the first pet, while we’re at it…

  15. Rhodo Zeb says:

    How long will all of you paper over the many flaws of Obama? Can the man do no wrong at all? How long will we stand for this foolish king-making while our country disintegrates?

    Anyway, Reagan fought and won the Second Contra War, so he is The Greatest!! And Bush was personally victorious against a pretzel!!1!1

  16. captain_hook says:

    Just today the pirates hijacked 4 more ships!

    Why is Obama shooting them instead of talking to them, I thought his speeches have magic powers?

    From what I hear the pirates are Muslim, shouldn’t he have some kind of special rapport with them?

    When will Obama be using his magic koombeyah stick and ferry dust to make the pirates stop?

  17. You are kidding, right?

    I’m as big an Obamaphile as anyone. Hell, I made my wife delay being induced into labor by four days so that I could work on the campaign. I got my Obamabonafides.

    On the other hand, I probably hate Reagan more than 98% of the population. Inauguration day in 1981 was the day the lights started to dim on the Republic.

    But, to give credit where it is due, (if military achievements deserve credit), I don’t think Obama is yet qualified to light Reagan’s cigar.

  18. there was the Lockerbie bombing and some Scud launches and some SAM launches at US aircraft and the Kilburn execution, and sustained support for terrorist groups all the way into the early 90s

  19. You seriously think that Obama has passed Reagan? I don’t consider taking out a couple of ill-found pirates constitutes being revered as doing something great military wise.

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