‘Think Before You Post’

I'm usually not a fan of PR attempts to scare kids about the Internet, as I think the dangers are usually over-hyped. But this think before you post PSA from cybertipline.com seems to me to get the pitch (in both senses of the word) just about right:

Spotted via Smashed Frog

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2 Responses to ‘Think Before You Post’

  1. Sure, if the message you want to reinforce is that working-class people are to be feared and loathed. Jesus hopping Christ.

    Seriously — it was a cute way of making a sensible point, up until that last bit. Holy crap! The janitor looked at the picture! Because janitors are much much much creepier than anyone else in her environment! Cue the horror-movie music!

  2. michael says:

    Hmmm. I took that to be a stand in for “random adults” rather than a class-based comment. Because adults are creepy.

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