From the Archive of Half-Baked Ideas

I appear to have about 200 partly-written posts I've written over the years but never published. The oldest, dated 2003.10.16, has the headline “Karl Auerbach Thinks the Internet is In Danger” but all it says is,

CaveBear Blog: SCO and Verisign, the Techno Bobbsey Twins?

The second oldest, from 2003.10.18 says,

I've added a graphic that illustrates the current “Threat Level” as based on information uploaded from the Dept. of Homeland Security every two hours. Of course, the whole concept of an official “Threat Level” (whether color-coded or not) is easily one of the dumbest ideas ever to come out of any White House.

One of the goals of a terror campaign is to get the target to waste resources doing silly things. I would like to hear the argument that we have not fallen into that trap.

The graphic didn't last long here – it bothered people as they saw it as an endorsement of the insanity. Now I'd like to hear President Obama or Secty. Napolitano saying they've killed the whole stupid thing.

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