FedEx Offers 25 Free Resumes

FedEx Office is offering to print 25 free resumes tomorrow (Tuesday). It's just a drop in the bucket of the expenses of seeking work, but every little bit helps.

This offer is good for 25 black-and-white resume copies per customer and is only valid for orders placed and picked up in-store. Customers may place orders by submitting their resume in printed format or as a digital file, and the copies will be printed single-sided on resume-quality paper.

Black and white only, but I don't think law firms want color anyway. FedEx Office used to be Kinkos, and there are a bunch of them all over the area. (I know students get a lot of free printing in the law school, but this offer includes nice paper.)

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4 Responses to FedEx Offers 25 Free Resumes

  1. Melinda says:

    This surprised me a little, although it’s appreciated (yes, I’m recently unfettered). I’m on the techie side and I don’t think anybody in our business uses hard-copy resumes anymore. Do you know which industries still use hard-copy?

  2. luis says:

    Lots of places like it when you have a copy of it on hand when you go to interview, even if you’ve already provided a copy over email. Nice thing for kinkos[1] to do, I guess.

    (Oh, and my fiancee is in HR (sort of). Nothing makes HR people more irritated than color resumes. So the offer to do black and white is a blessing.)

    [1] they’ll always be kinkos to me.

  3. LACJ says:

    Yeah law tends to be a pretty conservative area, ‘conservative’ meaning unwilling (or unable) to change.

    Hell lots of lawyers still use wordperfect. ‘Nuff said, I would assume.

    Actually that is an opportunity for Linux, in my view. LinuxLawoffice(c), anyone?

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