Berkeley Security Breach Conference on Friday

(Too) Early Thursday morning I'll start my journey towards Berkeley CA, where Friday I'm going to attend what looks a really useful and interesting seminar on BCLT – Security Breach Notification Laws.

Most folks who work in this area concentrate on private data collectors. I'm writing about government data holders, so I'm on the panel that probably should be called “other” but is in fact called Comparative Approaches to Security Breaches.

As I think about it, one thing I've often tried to do is identify issues that other people are not working on and think about them. This is good in many ways, and it has been good to me, but it does turn out to have some costs — fewer folks to talk to, and they don't always know where to put you in conferences.

Oh well, I guess as long as they're still inviting me I shouldn't worry too much.

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2 Responses to Berkeley Security Breach Conference on Friday

  1. quimba says:

    Plus, you can take advantage of the fact you’re in John Yoo’s workplace and hand-deliver a special gift to a colleague of yours in legal academia that is currently under a lot of pressure and in need of some sympathy. I would recommend a replica of the crocodile in the Peter Pan movie, complete with a sound feature that goes “tick, tock”.

  2. michael says:

    Yoo is visiting away this semester.

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