Presidential Blackberry Considered Dangerous

Chris Soghoian's Obama's BlackBerry brings personal safety risks is a fine example of the inspired paranoia of the true security professional.

And, you know…

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One Response to Presidential Blackberry Considered Dangerous

  1. Mitch Guthman says:

    I was just about to post something ridiculing this but then it occurred to me that with all the stinger missiles and what not out there, it might actually make a difference (on rare occasions) if an assassin (armed with such a weapon) could tell, say, which helicopter contained the president and which were decoys. That’s really the only instance in which it would make a difference—and probably not even then since presidents are typically in public view when they board their helicopters.

    So, ultimately, it seems only mostly ridiculous. Maybe he should shut off his Blackberry when traveling by helicopter. My guess is that it’s actually pretty easy to figure out where the president is at any given moment and knowing where he is does not constitute much of a risk.

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