Cobert Nails AMTRAK For Arresting Photographer

This Cobert Report item, Nailed 'Em – Amtrak Photographer had me in stitches.

Except like so much humor in this area it's not so funny when you think about it.

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One Response to Cobert Nails AMTRAK For Arresting Photographer

  1. Joe1 says:

    It would be funny if it weren’t true. I was approached on DC’s subway two years ago by a metro employee who warned me about taking pictures. I got his name. When I got to my office, I called the Metro police watch commander and loudly complained about that employee, by name. (As a former prosecutor, I knew who to call). Somebody needs to tell these idiots that all of these transportation agencies allow photography. Metro’s only caveat is that they don’t allow the use of a tripod. If it happens again, I’ll go straight to the agency head and to the chairman of the Metro Board, Jim Graham.

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