I Prefer My Torts to be Hypothetical

I am always on the prowl for ideas to improve my teaching, but having given the idea due consideration, I think that this suggestion by “Law Ingenue,” offered as a cure to Sedentary Law Students, just won't work for me.

To alleviate sedentary behavior, maybe law school classes should start like Japanese companies with small group exercise workouts before class to everyone feels refreshed and ready to go? A little Tai Chi to clear the mind, reduce stress, and get the blood flowing so we can be Zen with Property Law?

Um, no. I can just imagine being blamed for causing an injury.

(In fact, rumor has it that one of my colleagues tried something a bit like this a few years ago, maybe a bit more Yoga-like, and the students objected vehemently …)

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One Response to I Prefer My Torts to be Hypothetical

  1. eric says:

    I have tried encouraging students to stand up and stretch after the 1st hour of a 2-hour class, as an alternative to a break that would inevitably eat up too much time. Few students take me up on the suggestion.

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