Gitmo Today


A day late, but even so…

And, more importantly, here are four executive orders signed today.

These are major, major, welcome developments.

Only sour note: Adm. Dennis Blair can't bring himself to call waterboarding “torture”. [Link improved]

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7 Responses to Gitmo Today

  1. hola says:

    Good, its about time the immigrants in Guantanamo were placed at Krome in Miami. After some brief processing they should be released.

    Mommy always told me you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I’m sure when we capture terrorists we will unravel plots by asking politely. Mommy knows best.

    I am so glad that Obama is finally putting his community activist skills to work.

  2. LACJ says:

    It is truly amazing that fact-based analysis is so difficult.

    Fact One: Most of the prisoners in Gitmo have never had a neutral fact-finder determine whether they actually represented a threat or did whatever deed they are accused of. Never. Been. Determined. That they are a threat and/or are (or likely are, whatever standard you prefer) guilty.

    Fact Two: Each prisoner in Gitmo represents a martyr to the Muslim world with the power to incite significant numbers of recruits to join terrorists organizations (or other organizations that we would prefer not be as large as they are) and train in terror techniques.

    See you if you can manage to incorporate these two facts in your world-view. I know it may be tough, but please do try.

    Gitmo is causing us to lose ground, just by existing. I know you thought it was making you safer. But it wasn’t and isn’t.

  3. hola says:

    They are all innocent, peace loving muslims that the evil one, Bush, rounded up just for jollies. LACJ rest assured I see the bigger picture just like you, and I know Bush staged 9/11 and that Bin Laden is really CIA.

    I know, my Brother. I know.

    Please join me in my petition to to have the innocent peace loving muslims in Guantanamo released to caring loving homes like ours. michael, you missed the chance to house some of the so-called child molesters living under a Miami bridge, but its not too late to get in on this one! Please, its time to open our hearts and homes to these misunderstood, peace loving muslims.

  4. LACJ says:

    Enjoy the snarky comments, buddy, because that is all you are going to get for the foreseeable future.

    I know it is hard to understand how your best friend that you want to have a beer with Bush screwed up so many things. Embarrassing, for you, I know. How to face the fact that you supported a complete idiot, for nearly a decade, in spite of the ever-growing mountain of evidence of rank stupidity?

    Must be tough, if you actually have the capability of accepting it. Oh, that’s right, you are still in the denial stage, now it all makes sense.

    Don’t worry, we won’t let fools like that back in office. So I guess you won’t need to vote anymore, as anyone you support is bound to be defeated, likely in a particularly embarrassing way.

    When the Obamacons come for you, hola, I am sure they will ask a fact-finder to review your case and determine whether you are actually a danger or just another whackjob. Then, finally, we will know the truth. My prediction: Standard-issue whackjob.

    Of course, after that they will unceremoniously seize all your property and ship you off to the gulags. Which is so totally Obama’s plan, and he will implement it right, unlike that buffoon Bush.

  5. Go Democrats says:

    I may be a democrat, but Guantanamo should remain open. The prisoners should be released if we cannot charge them with a crime… but we need a place to keep terrorists who are a true threat. Do I believe in torture you ask? No I do not, however, when a group of people are willing to die for their cause, no amount of torture can get information out of them. In some sick and demented way, they actually enjoy the torture, and invite it.

    The only way to stop the Japanese kamikazi’s were to drop the Atomic Bomb on Japan. Unfortunately, the only way to stop muslim terrorists is to nuke their land. Otherwise we will be fighting for the next few thousand years (if they don’t nuke us first).

    Keep Guantanamo open. It’s our only salvation.

  6. LACJ says:

    Well, no one believes you are really a Dem, but this is the smartest thing I have ever seen you write:

    [W]hen a group of people are willing to die for their cause, no amount of torture can get information out of them. In some sick and demented way, they actually enjoy the torture, and invite it.

    Bravo. You are absolutely right. Did you ever see the film about France’s experience in Algeria? The French win, in the end, but it is a brutal world that they must live with. Battle of Algiers.

    Now, as for Gitmo, well its a huge marketing tool for terrorist organizations. And even if we stop torturing, no one will believe us. Such is our credibility now.

    So what to do? We have to make extremely strong steps away from this illegality and toward transparency. Bush has gone so far, so fast, straining all the foundational elements of our society and economy, that we have little choice now.

    But then you suddenly start saying well we just have to nuke them. Now that is simply insane.

    And a society that allows people with the ability to toss that out there, eh let’s just destroy millions of people, then everything will be ok, to take powerful positions in politics and government is going to make enemies. Duh.

  7. Go Democrats says:

    LACJ I am not sure where to begin here. It was not clear whether you supported closing Gitmo or not, you scratched the surface on previous postings, but as of today’s date, have dodged the question.

    I think it’s hilarious that your answer to this “marketing tool for terrorist organizations” is to take steps towards transparency. I would hate for you to ever make world decisions on my behalf… Let’s see… if Hamas threated to send off suicide bombers in the US, you would respond with “please don’t sir… look my government is transparent!!” lol

    It is unfortunate but nuking the Muslims is one of the only ways. We have fought them for over a century, and nothing changes, they keep blowing themselves up in some Jihad war they are fighting, they keep killing innocent civilians, and they maim and torture at their leisure.

    Saddam was an evil man, but his oppressive regime controlled those sick Muslims and kept them in check. Because torture and mass killing is one of the only ways to control a group of people who are willing to die for their cause. That and the nuclear/atomic bomb (think back to WW2).

    We tried using acceptable means (safeguarding basic human rights) of returning stablility to Iraq… and look what it got us? Over 4,000 dead soldiers, over 25,000 permanently injured, the highest suicide rate for the US Army in it’s history, over 500,000 Iraquis either displaced or killed.

    What have we accomplished? The same thing we could have done with the dropping of one nuclear bomb, except all of our men would be safe at home with their families, and we would have $750 billion dollars of our tax dollars saved.

    And yes, I am a democrat… a moderate one for that matter. I donated $1,500 to Barack Obama’s campaign, and will donate more for his reelection. However I do believe in death penalty, outlawing abortion, and keeping Guantanamo open. If that makes me undemocratic then so be it.

    I’m falling out of my chair waiting to see what you write back to this. lol

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