500 ‘Worst Passwords of All Time’

Amazingly, even my very worst, crummy, seemingly obvious, password that I use for many sites where no money changes hands did not make the list of alleged[*] The Top 500 Worst Passwords of All Time.

I should probably use more special keys; I tend to letter/number combos when it matters.

Many years ago I had a numerical password for a bank account that no longer exists. That number has been very useful worked into things since then.

[* -Why “alleged”? They don't actually say how this list was produced….]

Spotted via BoingBoing

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2 Responses to 500 ‘Worst Passwords of All Time’

  1. gcr says:

    no “*******” ?

  2. NSK says:

    It’s surprising that my first-ever password didn’t make the list: asdfghjkl;’ [and then the return button]. It was quite entertaining to execute on early-90s Mac keyboards.

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