Tales From the Bile Machine

Milwaukee Magazine : Feature Story : Secrets of Talk Radio

This is why it might actually be a good idea to revive the Fairness Doctrine.

The right-wing is hyperventillating about the prospect of the Fairness Doctrine's revival because (1) it would be very effective at curbing the main source of right-wing ability to whip up troops into (often misinformed) frenzy; (2) it's what they would do if the positions were reversed.

But there's no chance the Obama administration will do it. None. I wish I thought that their decision was due to the Constitutional dubiousness of the FD. But in fact, it's due to a vision of how to govern that amounts to a high-stakes gamble: love your enemies and you will tame them. I don't see that working on Rush Limbaugh, but then I didn't just get elected President either…

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4 Responses to Tales From the Bile Machine

  1. Randon says:

    The O has informed me he wants you to instruct your corrupt bourgeois law students to support the Fairness Doctrine. He that is O, who is a Constitutional Scholar, suggests you make most efficient use of your class time by omitting all references to the First Amendment.

    The O believes the author of the article requires some time in a re-education camp:

    “The stereotyped liberal view of the talk radio audience is that it’s a lot of angry, uneducated white men. In fact, the audience is far more diverse. Many are businesspeople, doctors, lawyers, academics, clergy, or soccer moms and dads. Talk show fans are not stupid. They will detect an obvious phony.”

    Obviously, Professor michael, the O cannot allow those kinds of lies about talk radio listeners being spread. We in the Party know that the masses cannot be allowed to think for themselves. If there is a message out there that we in the Party don’t approve of, we must silence that message by force of law if necessary.

    The O requests that you use your formidable writing prowess to criticize and ridicule the author of the article, Dan Shelley, for his statement that “[t]alk show fans are not stupid”. The O asks you to mock and ridicule Shelly on your blog. Shelley must be discredited for attributing talk radio fans with intelligence. When the O has consolidated his power, of course more appropriate re-education will be implemented.

    Further, the O requests that you keep a list of all law students who voice disagreement with the Fairness Doctrine. These students are clearly enemies of the Party and must be re-educated when the time is right. The O knows that you are a loyal servant and will keep a faithful list of the students names and the names of their family members. When the time is right the dissenters will be rounded up for re-education.

    Lastly, the O wishes that during your lectures you tune the radio to Air America and convince your students that Air America is the only radio they need concern themselves with. Instruct them that Air America is a source of profound wisdom and enlightenment, the true path to oneness with the O and the party. Instruct them not to hear the siren song of NPR, as even NPR includes a “market place” segment. When the O is in power, you shall see your dreams realized of only Air America and the BBC allowed on the airwaves.

    All Hail the O!

  2. John says:

    Why don’t let both sides just let this Fairness Doctrine BS die. If people want to listen to right wing nutjobs they can tune into the O’Reilly/Hannitys of the world. If they want to listen to the left wing nutjobs they can tune into the Olbermann/Mathews of the world. If you disagree with one or the other then JUST DON’T LISTEN.

    If you want the government to tell people what they can say there are plenty other countries out there who are more than happy to do just that but I sure as hell don’t want it happening in the US.

  3. Randon says:

    I’m sure michael would tell you that what you fail to understand is that those other countries you refer to are better than America. They are on the progressive path to Utopia. Stop denying that government control isn’t what you really want. Of course it is. michael and the Party will tell you what to think, don’t bother.

    All Hail the Mighty O!

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