Good Thing I Wasn’t Expecting a Government Job

NYT, For a Washington Job, Be Prepared to Tell All, reports on the very detailed questionnaire being required of applicants for jobs in the Obama admin. This is one group that will be vetted thoroughly! (Even so, given the numbers, odds are something on someone will slip through the cracks, and by the strange logic of politics, the fact that Team Obama took responsibility for vetting will mean that the press will treat the failure as more significant than if they hadn't tried so hard. Go figure.)

The NYT article has this arresting graphic, which suggests that bloggers just might have a little trouble getting a policy (as opposed to blogger outreach) job:

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3 Responses to Good Thing I Wasn’t Expecting a Government Job

  1. Patrick (G) says:

    This overly intrusive vetting is not a good sign. It signals both a lack of trust, and a lack of trustworthiness (would you trust someone who required you turn over that sort of private information about yourself?)

  2. Randon says:

    All Hail the O! michael deserves a position in the State of O. michael supports all of The O’s policies, never once questioning O’s divinity in blog. michael has unleashed venom and hate on the evil one McCain (may he rot) who dared to challenge the Mighty O. michael has proven himself a loyal, faithful servant of the O. More importantly, michael has a man-crush on him, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    While I dare not question the O, lest I be charged with a Fairness Doctrine crime, I only humbly suggest that michael be given due consideration.

    All Hail the O!

  3. Joe1 says:

    Michael: Did the U of M (and any other law schools) ask you similar questions when you applied for your position? Or did they just ask for a transcript and a list of your published articles?

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