Cheap Flight

In Airlines Cutting Fares for Holiday Season the Washington Post asks,

Nashville for Thanksgiving, anyone? Miami for Christmas?

Yes, Miami for Christmas. That's the ticket for me.

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3 Responses to Cheap Flight

  1. matt says:

    Miami for christmas _does_ sound nice. Can we stay at your place?

  2. michael says:

    Get enough readers together, and I’ll throw a party.

  3. Randon says:

    The Party commends your hospitality, although soon it will be unnecessary for matt to ask, as all shall belong to the State. The Party commends your disdain for private ownership. All should be welcome in your home:

    The Party opposes NIMBY in all its forms, as once the Party has decided how and where to allocate resources, the decision is Perfect and cannot be questioned.

    All Hail the Mighty O!

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