Call Your Senator about Lieberman (UPDATED)

Help remind your Democratic Senator that Lieberman should go (or at least pay a very serious price) for his election-season behavior.

Call Your Senators NOW

Clicking above will take you to a tool that will ask you for your phone number. When you submit, it calls you, plays a recording with suggestions as to you how to frame your conversation, then connects you with your senator's office. No actual phone dialing is required.

UPDATE: Not sure if this is worth the trouble in light of this news from the HuffPo: Obama Wants Lieberman To Remain In Democratic Caucus.

There is some daylight between “remain in caucus” and “remain unpunished” so I suppose it's not yet an unmitigated disaster, but it will soon be.

I think this shows two things. First, that Obama will tack heavily to the right on many, most issues outside those few liberal issues he directly campaigned on. Rahm Emanuel may be only the beginning.

Second, I think it shows that the Obama people haven't learned as much from the Clinton admin as they should — or are the Clinton admin!

Recall that President Clinton's first controversy was over 'don't ask, don't tell'. He'd said he was going to do something to increase gay rights in the military. Senior brass objected. Clinton backed down. The lesson learned by the Hill was that Clinton had no backbone as he could be buffaloed even by people who had to salute him. And the costs were soon seen as Clinton's health care and other parts of his legislative package plan went down in flames (although there were substantive reasons for the health care plan to run into trouble, the political reality was that Clinton looked weak).

There's a similar danger to Obama if the lesson learned from the Lieberman episode on the Hill is that there's no cost to trashing Obama.

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5 Responses to Call Your Senator about Lieberman (UPDATED)

  1. Randon says:

    Why not send him for mandatory re-education first? Isn’t that the more appropriate totalitarian response? Without re-education, he will only commit more mischief. If his re-education is successful, it can be a warning to others.

    Again, I’m not part of the elite like you, so consider my suggestion a humble one. I am just a poor humble servant of the State of O. May the day come when all who fail to unite behind the State of O be punished for their transgressions.

    Of course, there are other aspects of Lieberman’s personal beliefs that make his treachery all the more devious. Because we all know how treacherous those kinds of beliefs are, but certainly we can’t mention them here. But like all totalitarian states, the State of O will eventually turn on people with those beliefs.

    All Hail the O! All hail the O!

  2. Randy Paul says:

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  3. kcr211 says:

    I don’t see it this way Michael. I believe that party discipline considerations are not as salient as seen from the king’s chair as they are in Congress. The realpolitik executive will be seen as a uniter, will perhaps awe Lieberman into line with the Democrats, and won’t provoke much blowback from the Democrats because the target of Lieberman’s indiscipline is calling for reconciliation. The more the merrier in the majority to get closer to 60.

  4. Randon says:

    I am perplexed. If I understand correctly both His Highness O and michael are law professors. Law professors know that those opposing the Progressive Agenda must be punished. For example, a student that consistently argues against judicial advocacy and legislating from the bench must be punished when grading time comes. Surely His Highness O punished students who argued against affirmative action. And michael said the enemy of the State of O, Lieberman, must be punished.

    But now His Highness O does not want to punish Lieberman. I know his Highness O knows best, and it is not for me to understand or question. Perhaps his Highness O does not wish to dirty himself by dealing with the blasphemer, and expects his new National Police Force to handle the traitor for him. Perhaps his O’ness expects michael to use his literary powers to attack the traitorous Lieberman on this holy of holy blogs.

    All Hail the O! All Hail the O!

  5. Go Democrats says:

    Froomkin your ignorance is evident. I pity your children. Shame Shame Shame on you.

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