Simple Logic

Pat Buchanan says Colin Powell endorsed Obama because he's black (via Crooks and Liars).

Does this mean that Buchanan — and tens of thousands of other Irish-Americans, not to mention other hyphens — endorsed McCain because he's white?

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3 Responses to Simple Logic

  1. jim says:

    Yes. Yes, they did. They surely didn’t think he’d be a better President. So it must be his race that’s the determining factor.

  2. BroD says:

    Well, I endorsed Obama because I’m white and pro-America.

  3. I think the correct answer to this is “so what?”

    I’m against “tribal politics,” and I’m tremendously anti-race-based affirmative action (but heavily in favor of class based AA, which would serve the same purpose). Nevertheless, I must admit that a *part* of my support for Obama is because he is (half) black. So what? I think that we, as a nation, would benefit from his unique experiences as a (half) black American.

    No matter what your politics, if you can’t admit that African Americans have gotten a raw deal on this continent, you must be wearing some pretty dark sunglasses. If a black man wants to support another black man because he is rooting for the home team, why is that a bad thing?

    That all said, I don’t recall Colin Powell backing Alan Keyes. I disagree that Powell would or did back Obama just on account of race. But, I think the right retort is “so freakin what”?

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