Law School Price Wars Beginning? Not Quite Yet…

ABA Journal, Law School Free for UC Irvine's Entering 2009 Class.

Students who enroll at the University of California’s new law school in Irvine next fall will get their legal education for free.

The law school is giving full tuition scholarships worth about $100,000 to its first 2009 class of about 60 students, the National Law Journal reports.

Charles Cannon, assistant dean of development and external affairs at the law school, told the publication UC Irvine hopes to attract high-quality students with the offer. The free tuition is expected to cost the school about $6 million, he said.

Irvine is a start-up school. It has hired quality faculty, and this should let them get started with a bang.

I presume, though, they won't be making a habit of this. But if they do, it could lead to a wave of discounting in law school tuition which would change the face of legal education (and in the long run, most likely be in substantial part at the expense of faculty salaries since I doubt we or others schools like us could raise the money it would take to replace a third of our tuition revenue).

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