Last Day to Register to Vote in Florida

Today is the last day to register to vote in Florida.

You must either mail (with today's postmark) or hand deliver a completed application to any Supervisor of Elections' office in the state, a driver’s license office, a voter registration agency, an armed forces recruitment office, or the Division of Elections.

And if you are a US citizen who is a Florida resident and is not already registered, you must do it today — or miss out on what will undoubtedly be the most important Presidential election since we re-elected the current disaster. And maybe even more than that.

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3 Responses to Last Day to Register to Vote in Florida

  1. Leo says:

    The only disaster is your complete ignorance to the structure of the United States Government. This is not a dictatorship leftist cook, its a democracy. Therefore the disaster you speak of is the disaster of the back bone-less democrats and their short term memory. Learn a little about your history and country and realize the only thing that matters is progress of country through knowledge not ignorant remarks from flip flopping democrats. Read a little, actually read alot. And if you didnt realize the last day to register was on the 6th and you had to find this website to find out, then you are lost and good luck to you.

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Marc says:

    Its an exciting election, too bad we are all soo worried about the economy that we focus on these two guys. And anyone who misses the registration date is living on Mars. My boss, i just found out, will be manning some polling centers on election day to help slow down the disenfranchisement. I hope we can get the votes counted properly this time, lol

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