Amazing Early Voting Stats

The Buzz has the data as of the weekend, The Fla. tally so far: Ds up 80K votes:

The Fla. tally so far: Ds up 80K votes

Through Sunday, it appears absentee and early votes have Democrats up by 80,287 votes.

Of the 1,010,046 people who voted early, 53.7 percent were Democrats, 30.19 percent Republicans and 16.02 percent other. Of the 1,059,518 absentee ballots returned so far, 35.31 percent were from Democrats, 50.23 percent Republicans, and 14.46 percent other.

All told, 2,069,564 people have voted already — 44.33 percent of them Democrats, 40.45 percent Republicans, and 15.22 percent other.

These are statewide totals.

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3 Responses to Amazing Early Voting Stats

  1. kcr211 says:

    16% other? What would cause people who vote for third party candidates to be so heavily represented in early voting?

  2. michael says:

    These are stats by party registration. Other means neither Republican nor Democrats, but either no party or a minor party.

    We don’t get to know how the votes came out until after the polls close. Repeat, these are not election returns, just info about who voted.

  3. adam says:

    Now the question is: Did more Democrats vote for McCain, than Republicans voted for Obama?

    somehow I doubt it, despite the PUMAs.

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