Top Ten Palin One-Liners

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  1. A fresh new face for the same old failures
  2. She's no Hillary Clinton
  3. Most people know the staff at the local Starbucks better than McCain knows Palin.
  4. Two words: Thomas Eagleton
  5. John McCain has proven that he's not a maverick, he's erratic
  6. Can anyone say with a straight face that Palin would have gotten picked if she were a man?
  7. McGimmick
  8. “Either Sarah Palin has talents and skills we were not aware of”, or “John McCain fell down and hit his head” — Alaska State Representative Mike Doogan (D)
  9. McCain's known her for fewer months than he has houses
  10. If elected vice president, Palin would appear to have the least amount of experience in federal office or as a governor since John W. Kern, Democrat William Jennings Bryan’s 1908 running mate.
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5 Responses to Top Ten Palin One-Liners

  1. mac says:

    It’s a desperate throw of the dice. The maverick appears to have morphed into the desperado.

    It won’t work because although allegedly “a woman”, Palin is not HRC. Even Dem feminists who would love to see a woman in the house won’t be able to live with the barracuda’s loonie views.

  2. Seth Gordon says:

    McCain’s being fiscally responsible–he can pay Palin only 80% of what he’d pay a male VP!

    (I wish I could take credit for making that one up…)

  3. This is definitely a Thomas Eagleton moment. She’ll withdraw her name within a few weeks. Her statement will say that she has to go home to attend to her family.

  4. me says:

    John McCain nominates the woman and wham!, she instantly goes from a 44-year-old to someone’s grandmother.

  5. Michael W. says:

    It just goes to prove that anyone really can become president.

    By the way, looking forward to seeing Tina Fey playing the role of Palin.

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