More On Obama Yard Signs

They're so popular, people steal them. Or something.

The Wall St. Journal reports on a sign-monitoring scheme: An Obama yard sign is being watched by dozens of viewers on Web in an effort to stop it from being stolen.

(thanks to df)

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One Response to More On Obama Yard Signs

  1. Howard says:

    My partner and I just ordered 5000 obama bumper stickers for an independent obama supporting office in coconut grove on grand ave. If anyone needs a few stickers, they should have them for free over there. We also donated a few of our extra yard signs, but I’m sure those are gone. We were having a problem with our signs being stolen, they were stolen about 8 or 9 times. We did call the police at first, but then just replaced the signs. We ordered 20 but stopped needing to replace them. After Hillary lost, the signs haven’t been stolen. We were worried a couple weeks ago that it barely seemed that an election was about to take place around south florida. Since then, I have noticed an increase in yard signs and stickers. Thank goodness. I am not thankful, though, for the ros lehtinen signs that are thick as weeds all over little havana as I drive to work. I wonder if property owners are giving permission to place them because they are everywhere. Also, I found it interesting that the GAY BATHHOUSE on Coral Way had a Diaz Balart sign taped up on their fence. Only in South Florida!

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