Miami-Dade Libraries Fail to Renew Domain Name

I knew that times were tough for the county, but domain names are not that expensive.

It seems, however, that the Miami-Dade Public Library has failed to renew its domain name. Right now if you cruise over to you get a message from Network Solutions saying “ expired on 09/05/2008 and is pending renewal or deletion.”


So I called the main library and reported it. The front-line person seemed dubious, “It worked yesterday,” but agreed to report it to (unnamed) higher-ups.

Here's hoping they get that online catalog back online soon. Heck, I'd gladly pay for it myself, if necessary (or possible).

By the way, MDPLS, if you are trying to save a buck you can get a much better deal on domain name registration by switching registrars.

Update (8pm): They're back…

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4 Responses to Miami-Dade Libraries Fail to Renew Domain Name

  1. Fellow Cane says:

    Looks like they’ve renewed, but maybe it hasn’t fully propagated yet.

    Record expires on 05-Sep-2009
    Record created on 20-Sep-2002
    Database last updated on 11-Sep-2008

  2. michael says:

    But did they do that before or after I called them? .org updates every ten minutes…

  3. Adam says:

    I’m surprised it wasn’t snatched up. I’ve had some really random domain names with low low traffic taken the day they lapsed.

  4. michael says:

    There’s now a mandatory grace period after it drops — designed to deal with this exact sort of situation.

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