Life In Miami

Either we have an inordinate number of Maseratis and Lamborghinis on the road or they all have the same schedule I do.

This morning, doing the school run, I found myself behind a black Maserati with the license plate “BIG HIT”.

I guess that's one explanation of how you pay for one…

(Lest I leave the wrong impression, I should perhaps explain that have no desire at all for a fancy sports car, or indeed any sports car; I can think of many things I'd rather do with obscene amounts of disposable income were the problem to arise. Now, if you were offering a pied-à-terre in Paris…)

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6 Responses to Life In Miami

  1. Gus Moore says:

    I’m not much for fancy cars either. The air conditioning just went out in my ’96 For Explorer and I’m still driving it around. Albeit, with the windows down and sweat dripping off my face.

    Care to share with us what kind of car you drive?

  2. Manir says:

    Miami is a great place 🙂 I want to life there when I graduate 🙂

  3. michael says:

    I sort of feel like I should ask readers to guess, but since you ask — I have a 2005 Toyota RAV4. On the whole I like it, although the gas tank is kinda small.

    The one I have is the base model, with extra airbags, not the gussed-up one in this photo. For example, mine doesn’t have the black roof rack thing.

  4. Caro says:

    Yes Miami is a great place to live 🙂

  5. Riman says:

    Miami – it’s great but i would like to life in Paris 🙂 – it’s better than Miami

  6. Yes, Garett took hold of it delicious 🙂

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