Friday McCain/McSame Bashing

There's more out there, but I'm traveling…



[there were 5(!) more days here, but something seems to have eaten them — I fear I have lost the data unless it's lurking in some cache on my home computer]

Update (11/21): To see the full text, with the missing parts restored, please go to Friday McCain/McSame Bashing (Repaired)

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6 Responses to Friday McCain/McSame Bashing

  1. LACJ says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in your backend on your way out

  2. Howard says:

    Obama supporters are foolish to think that he will never betray them.
    Obama was a close friend of Pastor Wright for TWENTY YEARS.
    Obama threw Wright under the bus for personal ambition.
    McCain would not betray his country even after 5 years of torture.
    You can put lipstick on a traitor, but he’s still a traitor.

  3. kc says:

    Howard, don’t be stupid. The campaigns are just long commercials. It simply won’t do to have Obama have ongoing ties to a man who says something so ready for an attack ad. Sort of like it won’t really do for John McCain to be seen as having ties to the Republican party. Consider that if I were running for president, I’d want to put a certain distance between myself and you; nothing personal, it’s just that a perceived blog relationship with a foaming-at-the-mouth type such as yourself just wouldn’t be good for my cred with those liberal elites. The kind of folks that are so out of touch with reality that they hesitate to make neat summations of people by applying the “=” symbol, rounding out their reasoning with folksy non sequiturs.

    Back to the idea of distancing. John McCain does it too (see Bush or his own adopted daughter, for instance). It’s only rational. Obama and McCain are brands that must be sold to the widest audience. The merits of what Reverand Wright said are debatable, but “Goddamn America” plays about as well as New Coke. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth no matter how good or true it really is. It’s not betryal, it’s politics and there’s two playing the game, so stop being dramatic.

  4. LACJ says:

    Thanks GCF, although I would nitpick and say what we wrote *is* out of context 😉

    Nice post kc, good blend of snark and rationality. You liberal latte-sipping elite you.

  5. Google Chrome Forum says:

    FYI my comment and LACJ’s comment of “Don’t let the door hit you in your backend on your way out” are not directed at Michael, someone spammed a whole heap of garbage and now it’s been removed so what we said may look out of context.

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