Obmama’s New Tack

This new Obama ad, Book strikes me as a largely welcome messaging departure in several ways.

First, it's an attack ad — but on substance. And it's not a rebuttal ad, either.

Second, it alludes (dog whistle anyone?) to the Responsible Plan to End the War, without of course actually endorsing it.

Third, and least delightfully, although probably wise tactically, it offers what may become a campaign mantra if it catches on “the middle class first” (i.e. before those rich lobbyist and GOP beneficiaries of Haliburton largess). I preferred Edwards's focus on the poorest among us, but this is how you win elections.

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3 Responses to Obmama’s New Tack

  1. Khuloud says:

    “I preferred Edwards’s focus on the poorest among us, but this is how you win elections. “

    Me too. But I remember reading (one of Vance Packard’s books, I think, back on the early 60s) that Americans all described themselves as “middle-class” whether they were clearly upper crust or bog poor. I think it’s past time we started calling class what it is. Perhaps we’d get a better kind of politics if we got that issue properly sorted out.

  2. Sara says:

    I think the appeal to the middle class really resonates amongst Americans, since most Americans don’t self-identify as poor (and let’s face it… most people are looking out for themselves). And Obama will look out for poor people – reading The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama (link to ebooks version) will cure you of any doubts on that issue. I do like this ad.

  3. Joshua V, says:

    Identifying with the poor does not move votes. You want to win? Appeal to the majority.

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