Law Students Take Note!

Attention all law students: Why all lawyers – even criminal law types – need to understand administrative law. It's not just me saying it.

Tragically, half of the law students in the US graduate without taking Administrative law, which is rarely a required course. Many, many of them are sorry later.

Of the courses I teach, it's Administrative Law that students most frequently come back years later and thank me for.

Yes, it's a very hard subject. Yes, it's not on the bar exam. But you need it.

Administrative Law is rarely oversubscribed in any law school. Sign up now.

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One Response to Law Students Take Note!

  1. matt says:

    Let me strongly agree. This is not only because so much of life today is regulated by various administrative agencies, and you need admin to understand that, but also because it’s really a very interesting subject. Much of it is applied constitutional law. You can’t, for example, understand due process without taking admin since so much of what “due process” means in the contexts that most people will ever find themselves in is set out in admin cases. To a lesser degree this is also so with equal protection. So, it’s a really great class to take.

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