I Was Part of the Sample for this Poll

The Public Policy Polling (PPP) has released the results of the robopoll that I blogged about taking the other day (see Wasserman Schultz Must Support Taddeo).

Here's how TheBuzz summarizes the results,

“The Democrats crossing over to support McCain are disproportionately older white females, an indication that Hillary Clinton's base may not be completely behind Obama in the Sunshine State.

“Obama has slipped with Hispanic voters in the last month, leading among them just 48-45 after holding a 51-37 advantage in PPP's previous Florida poll. The numbers show an unusual gender gap, with McCain leading by 11 points among women while trailing by 5 points with men. Last month's results similarly showed Obama doing eight points better with men than women, a trend PPP has not seen in any of its other state by state polling. Obama has a large lead among young voters, McCain has a big one with senior citizens, and the candidates are virtually tied with those in between.”

Also some weird U.S. Senate match-ups against Mel Martinez (Bob Graham beating Martinez by 20 pionts and Debbie Wasserman Schultz basically tied).

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  1. Interesting. Do you think it’s more important for a candidate to lead in the senior citizen or youth category? I guess that the young would likely be more active, but the seniors have all the money. neat poll.



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