Friday McBush Bashing (Olympic Edition)

Turns out McCain's approach to foreign policy is rather more bellicose than anyone (other than a hard-core neo-con) imagined in their most horrible dreams.

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4 Responses to Friday McBush Bashing (Olympic Edition)

  1. AndrewD says:

    This is all well and good, but Mac clearly dominated in Rick Warren’s forum tonight.
    Best things for Obama to do to improve:
    1. Be quicker off the block. Obama pauses and seems to think before he answers. Mac could hardly even wait until Warren was finished asking the question. Who do you think Middle America would want as Commander in Chief? Thinking is like pissing – it must be done, but please, not in public.
    2. Stop it with the “uh, um” etc. See above.
    3. Sit up straight. Obama has this habit of cocking his head when he’s talking to someone, which makes his body language seem closed. Sit up, confront, engage. Dominate. You’re not talking to a student in office hours, you’re running for biggest pr*ck in the world.
    4. Tell a story. Mac has all these gripping stories about being a POW. There’s no way Obama can compete with that, but he doesn’t necessarily have to. Stories make people connect with you in a very visceral way, but it’s the form of the narrative itself, and not the fact that they now know an additional biographical detail about the storyteller, that does the trick. A story is a shared experience, independent of the event or theme depicted, and shared experience is the most reliable method of building trust. Think about it – last time you heard someone telling a really compelling story, did you come away with the impression of a lying bastard? And come on, Obama wrote books! He must have some good stories about community organizing in Chicago, or something.

    People agree with a lot of Obama’s politics, and I think would agree with him even more if he was more dominant about them. Here’s the problem: people will vote for the person who will lead them. McCain may shift, change, equivocate, and lie with the best of them, but he never looks like he has to think about it, or like he doesn’t believe 100% of what he’s saying. Obama should learn from that, and learn to be blunt and knee-jerk once in a while. He can save the thinking for later. It’s like any dysfunctional relationship – the screwed up person making unreasonable demands always gets their way.

    The simplest way to put it is: right now, Obama’s captain of the chess team, Mac’s a dude with a leather jacket and a motorcycle, and America’s a teenage girl.

  2. name says:

    Andrew proves the point that obama’s supporters see in him whatever they want. Andrew’s post is full of analysis so naturally he concludes that obama is a chess master. He must have “good stories about community organizing”.

    Obama has demonstrated no tangible brilliance at any point in his career, nor has anything of substance been found regarding his “community organizing”. If by chessmaster you mean political chessmaster, then fine, he beat the clinton machine, good for him. But what did he accomplish in the senate? Nothing. What did he accomplish prior to office? Nothing. Chessmaster? More like hustler.
    Sure, he slithered away from his comments about his pastor and his wife’s afro-leninism, he can play the game. But again, what has he ever done for you or me?

    Ok, he gives you hope. Good for you. Vote for a demagogue you see as a “chessmaster”. See how that’s working out for russia under Putin.

    McCain is equally as worthless. Ask yourself how it could be in your mind that one is so great and the other so bad. That’s not very likely, now is it?

    In short, the emperor has no clothes.

  3. Michael says:

    Seems to me that winning the Democratic nomination over the well-financed and seemingly inevitable Clinton juggernaut is a fairly impressive achievement, no?

  4. carl says:

    Well said “name”. Couldn’t agree any more.

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