Friday McBush Bashing

[Note: If you are reading this via the news feed, you may wish to click through to see the videos. There are some good ones this week.]

The week started with McCain successfully putting the race card “issue” (subtext: Obama is black!) on the front pages, so that was good for him. On the other hand, the idea that McCain is old and grumpy got more traction too. We then found out the answer to last week's question whether McCain could go any lower and dirtier — Yes, he can! — as we moved to a McCain ad suggesting Obama is the anti-Christ (yes, really). And that was only the weekend.

Then McCain was up — his weird commercials had taken the focus off issues that matter like jobs and the war.

Then facts — and Paris Hilton — bit back.

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3 Responses to Friday McBush Bashing

  1. Owen Yeats says:

    Great, I’ve been looking for some presidential-campaign videa materials for my essay and this collection wes really all I need. Thank you so much for a very interesting analysis!

  2. dui says:

    Is it just me or are you really ramping this McCain bashing up a notch or 2? lol Man, you’re giving me propaganda overload here!!

    Suggestion— try an Obama Tuesday Bash just for fun. At least I could laugh with you and clap at the same time.



  3. michael says:

    It’s not you, and it’s not me. It’s reality: there’s just so much bad stuff about McCain, and people are writing about it.

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