FMB – Friday McBush Bashing

Some pretty brutal stuff this week. And something subtle too. And then …. THE GAFFE ….

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5 Responses to FMB – Friday McBush Bashing

  1. Jon T says:

    In other news, I’m sure you’ve heard about Bob Graham doing some campaigning for Annette Taddeo–I was pretty thrilled to get that email today.

  2. Glenny says:

    “The McCain worldview scares the hell out of me. Technology is complicated — and the solutions we need are fairly complex — they require an in depth understanding of the problem if you’re going to formulate a solution. And McCain clearly doesn’t understand some of the core problems… I’m still waiting for McCain to release a real technology plan — one that helps consumers and addresses the problems we’re facing instead of protecting corporations and ignoring technology market failings.”

    Since when does any president formulate a technology policy? Does our leader need to be proficient in technology to govern? Come on….

  3. Ann Bartow says:

    When the Pulitzer people start offering prizes to “best political post full of links” I’m totally nominating you.

  4. Rob Jones says:

    As far as McCain and his many houses– What’s the big deal? I honestly don’t get that. Do we cut down on Oprah for having 20 homes? No, we admire her. Does McCain need to be a black woman to own more than 1 home??

  5. Michael says:

    Ms. Winfrey earned them. McCain (re)married them, abandoning his injured first wife. I don’t think this is a race issue. It’s a character issue. (Plus I bet you Ms. Winfrey could list all her properties to you: she has a reputation as a serious businesswoman.)

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