Feh [Fay (6)]

OK, it's grey out (although a little less than yesterday) and unusually windy (although not as much as last night around 2am). It rained a lot, but it's not raining this morning. There's more crud than usual on the street and sidewalks. But all the neighbors' piles of cut branches are still there, so the wind can't have been that bad.

I'm happy to have a bonus day at home, I can do some catch-up writing and tidying, but this was in 20/20 hindsight unnecessary. And they should do it again next time, because by the time you know it's necessary it's too late.

So I have two questions:

  • Barometer is down to 1003, what's with that?
  • Is Fay dumping lots of water where we need it — in the Lake Okeechobee aquifer (and the other three that almost dried up)?

Answer those, and I can get on with worrying about Invest 94.


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  1. Carl says:

    Florida just got all of the water it needs for the year with this storm. I don’t think any state has ever been hit 3 times by the same storm. Truly amazing.

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