Fay (5)

We're closed tomorrow too:

The University Crisis Decision Team met at 6:00 P.M. today and decided that the University and the Law School, including the Law Library, will remain closed tomorrow, Tuesday, August 19th. We expect to be open for business as usual on Wednesday, August 19th. Our website has been updated and will be updated again if plans for Wednesday change. Additional information may also be obtained from the University's website at http://www6.miami.edu/prepare/ or the University's Hotline at (305) 284-5151.

Almost no rain at this moment, and the occasional tiny gap in the lower level of low and fast-moving clouds (but it looks like there are more clouds above). Wind at ground level is not great, but those clouds are really moving westwards, or maybe WNW.

Barometer down to 1005.

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