Be One of the First Millions…

Brilliant bit of PR by the Obama campaign: Be the First to Know:


Sign up today to be the first to know:

You will receive an email the moment Barack makes his decision, or you can text VP to 62262 to receive a text message on your mobile phone.

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4 Responses to Be One of the First Millions…

  1. MemoryLikeElephant says:

    Is D.Marvin Jones still on the short list for VP? What about SCOTUS nominee? What’s the scoop?

    You supported Edwards didn’t you? I can look past the “affair” that the biased conservative media has fabricated in an effort to sully his name…can you? That would be a dream team for sure! Obama/Edwards with D.Marvin on the bench!

  2. Mike says:

    Fairly good campaign. I am admiring the future president of United States.

  3. PleaseCallMeConstantly says:

    If you’re thinking that it’s brilliant because it will allow the Obama Camp & DNC to get tones of email and phone numbers for marketing purposes, you’re right: It’s brilliantly exploiting the tech-savvy I can’t think too far ahead crowd, who will be mystified as to why they are suddenly getting all kinds of calls from people wanting money.

    Otherwise, it’s just plan silly. I mean, if Obama announced his VP candidate RIGHT NOW, how long would it take you to find out? The media will have that story out in five seconds. It would not even surprise me, given the limits of the technology, if you STILL hear it on TV first. On the other hand, if you are somewhere out of communication, hearing it from your cell might be first, but will you really care? What are you going to DO with that information, while you are hiking through Yosimite, or whatever? Would waiting the probably few minutes it’ll take to plug back into the rest of the world make a difference?

    But in a new world where people plaster themselves all over the internet, while simultaniously screaming about privacy issues, no thought will likely come of this. Especially for those already gullable enough to help stick us with Obama in the first place.

  4. Nata says:

    Oh Yes – very good campaign. I think that he will win an election. Will be the first black president USA 🙂

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