Welcome ‘Hunter of Justice’

We get a lot of great visiting professors at the University of Miami law school — something about being the law school in Paradise, I guess. How well I get to know them has a lot to do with where their offices happen to be; it helps if they're on my floor, and especially if they are right next door.

When she visited here a while ago, Nan Hunter landed right next door, so I had a chance to get to know her a bit, and I can say that she's lots of fun to talk to (her partner is also delightful company).

And now Nan has a blog, so we all get to talk with her. Please welcome hunter of justice to the blogosphere. I'm sure it will be great. Here's how Nan introduced it:

So now, in the mid-summer heat when it seems sane for even mad dogs and law professors to take a turn at the blogging bat, I'm in.

Why? My goal is to provide commentary on sexuality and gender issues, mostly but not exclusively focusing on law. Since I interpret “law” broadly to include a variety of disciplinary and regulatory discourses, you can expect the contents to range pretty widely. I'm looking forward to publishing my own journal of justice seeking, flavored by humor. OK, maybe sarcasm too.

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