PoliticsTV Looks Back on Recent Political Videos

Politics TV has a July 4 Special: 2008's Best Campaign Web Videos So Far -Pt 2

They put it online, so I guess we don't need to wait until Friday to see it.

My vote for funniest is still the Gravel moment of zen.

But I suspect “yes we can” will go down in history as the best video of the campaign.

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  1. anon says:


    If you watch this YouTube video, records of your viewing will be disclosed pursuant to order by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

    The YouTube records include:

    for each instance a video is watched, the unique “login ID” of the user who watched it, the time when the user started to watch the video, the internet protocol address other devices connected to the internet use to identify the user’s computer (“IP address”), and the identifier for the video.

    Further, log data about video embedding will be disclosed. This may allow a linkage between the URL or website where the video was embedded and the IP address and/or uniqe “login ID” of the user viewing the YouTube video.

    If you watch political videos, but are uncomfortable with disclosures that may indicate your political affiliation, preferences, or sympathies, then you are strongly advised to avoid viewing any YouTube video until further notice.

    If you live in a country governed by a repressive regime, then be advised that there is a significant chance that this log data will eventually be acquired by your governing regime.

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