Dumbest and Clumsiest TV/Video Ad Ever By an Incumbent Senator?

Is this Norm Coleman (R-MN) ad, Al Franken Green Screen Conspiracy?, the worst produced and most stupid TV/video advertisement ever paid for by an incumbent Senator?

If it isn't the stupidest and worst, then I shudder to think what is. (Note: there may be something stupider out there, but the production values have to be better.)

Until the closing credits I was sure this was an independent effort from someone's laptop.

(For the back story to which this ad may be a lame response, see Minnesota Campaign Report: Coleman campaign green-screening the spouse?.)

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7 Responses to Dumbest and Clumsiest TV/Video Ad Ever By an Incumbent Senator?

  1. adsense says:

    Yeah, pretty bad. Perhaps he was going for the “viral” approach? Looks like he already got one link from a top blogger.



  2. Matt says:

    The production is really bad. But one also can’t but hope that the people of Minn. are not so stupid as to care whether Frankin’s New York apartment was “fancy” or to fall for that amazingly stupid “latte sipping liberal” bit- it’s really insulting to them.

  3. As a New Yorker and one-time Riverside Drive denizen, I think Norm missed the boat here (ask Al, he’ll get the reference to 79th St). When Al announced, I thought it was a gag. But, you know… our perception of Minnesotans is pretty high, dontchaknow? Even when you guys got a little upset with ‘Fargo’ you still managed to come out smiling. We like your optimism, sense of fair play, and above all your sense of humor. I think people will get a kick out of this and like Al Franken that much more. As a nation, we’ll do a lot better if we stop pickin on each other and appreciate our own quirkiness. Funny people really are smarter and more trustworthy. (Hey! Don’t Bogart that latte!)

    -David H.

  4. PHB says:

    I find the ‘I am Al Franken’ line to be pretty bizarre. The natural reaction to the statement is ‘no you are not’ leading to the conclusion that whoever produced the video is a liar, then you find that its Norm Coleman so the only conclusion is that Colman is a liar.

    While the intention is clearly to identify Franken as an out-of state interloper the actual effect of the video is to telegraph Coleman’s view of Minnesotans: parochial, insular backwoods hicks who will snap to attention like marionettes when the right buttons are pressed.

    This might work in the south where red-neck pride and the confederate flag are regarded as cultural values, but in the great lakes?

  5. Lou says:

    Norm Coleman was born and raised in Brooklyn and only went to Minnesota after graduating from law school in Iowa. With those facts in mind, Coleman’s sanctimony about Al Franken only having just returned to Minnesota is gauling — but what else is new?

    With that said, Coleman’s ad is not nearly as feculent as the one produced by Texas Senator John Cornyn for his reelection effort. That ad — called “Big Bad John” — makes Coleman’s ad look profound.

    Follow the link below to YouTube for the Cornyn ad and to see if your gag reflex is intact.


  6. Lou says:

    Since I wasn’t writing about French people, that word should have been “galling.” I regret the temporary illiteracy.

  7. Go Democrats says:

    Maybe the advertisement was silly, but the incumbent is whipping Franken by over 10% right now. Funny or not, you all should be concerned that Franken will lose what should be an easy Democratic Victory

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