Democratic Leaders Join GOP In Selling Out the Constitution

The Democratic Congressional leadership has endorsed the new FISA sellout. (Text here; instant analysis by EFF here.)

The ACLU is enraged. See ACLU Blog: Because Freedom Can't Blog Itself: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union » This Spade is a Spade: FISA Deal Is Bunk

You should be enraged too. Perhaps you might even consider a donation to the fund that seeks to punish elected officials who should know better (starting with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer), the Act Blue PAC vs. Retroactive Immunity, also known as the Strange Bedfellows Fund, as it's attracting support from a group ranging from progressives to supporters of Ron Paul.

Our only hope in stopping this is going to be the Senate. Is Obama going to step out to lead on this? (Meanwhile see the statement by Sen. Feingold.)

I have no idea why our congressional leaders feel a need to be so craven on this issue. Their position doesn't even poll well. It's as if they are suffering from some sort of battered person syndrome or something.

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3 Responses to Democratic Leaders Join GOP In Selling Out the Constitution

  1. Richard B. Cheney says:

    There is no Democratic Leadership. That is why we can do whatever we want. You guys have control of Congress and you are busy investigating baseball and football. Nobody in your party has the stones to impeach us except Kucinich and y’all think he is a nut too. That sell out Scott McClellan is singing like a canary y’all are complaining about it.

    Your party has no legislative accomplishments to speak of either. Take a look at the Legislation “Supported” by Nancy Pelosi:
    It’s a bunch of special interest crap and unopposed positions.

    We have gone toe to toe with, and defeated: George Tenant, Colin Powell, other Generals, U.S. Attorneys and leaders of other countries. Do you really think you have anyone to stop us? No you don’t, stop dreaming.

  2. voter says:

    Final vote results for roll call on passage of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008.

    Look up how your representative voted.

  3. It’s as if the Democratic leadership were aware all this was going on, all along, and can’t make a big deal about it because they’re fully complicit.

    Besides, it was one thing to complain about constitutional violations by Bush back when he still had quite a while left in office, but he’s now a lame enough duck that it’s all about whether *Obama* gets to violate the Constitution. And when have Democrats ever wanted to foreclose that option for themselves?

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