Friday McCain Bashing

Veterans object to McCain's failure to support new GI Bill:

Update: Bonus bash — In 2000, McCain admits he’d be too old to run in 2008

Double bonus: People who have nothing to hide don’t act like they have something to hide — so why is McCain playing games with his health records?

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2 Responses to Friday McCain Bashing

  1. doctor_feelgood says:

    I bet John McCain could snap your chicken neck in about 1 minute in a fight.

    Utterly despicable that you pile on the age/health bandwagon. I never hear a peep from you as the law profs at UM age, why not? Would you ever oppose hiring a new professor based on age or health? Incomprehensible to me how you ACLU types will be the first to favor suing a business for age discriminatory hiring practices, but now you get your jollies mocking an “old” man.

    I have a much better criticism you can level at mccain: he’s a closet liberal.

  2. Go Democrats says:

    Obama/Webb is the winning ticket. Webb is a Southerner, former Republican, and can represent the White middle class that Obama is struggling with. He will automatically get the majority of the women votes that Hillary would have brought to the table, so she is not the best candidate (unless for monetary/fundraising reasons) to select as VP.

    Anyone disagree?

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