Best CFP, Worst CFP

It started great: after the introductory speeches, we were encouraged to mingle for half an hour — playing to CFP's greatest strength: who attends.

And then my personal conference experience went downhill fast — not because CFP did anything wrong, but because I had to go to my hotel room to participate (via phone) in a key meeting of the UM Law faculty about the Dean Search. So I'm missing my favorite conference.

And four and half hours later it's still going….


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3 Responses to Best CFP, Worst CFP

  1. John Flood says:

    I had wondered how that was going to be handled. Maybe it’s time for one of the new Jawbone 2 bluetooth headsets so you are not tethered.

  2. Kat says:

    I am sad to be missing my favorite conference this year.

  3. PHB says:

    Just wonder if the Jawbone2 is any less fragile than the first one. After it fell to pieces about six times I gave in and fortified the more braindamaged aspects of the design with superglue.

    An earpiece has to survive the stick it in a pocket with the car keys test to be acceptable.

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