The Groupthink of Evil

Recently I've avoided writing anything serious about torture — or the ongoing revelations about the Administration's vivisection of the Constitution — because it is just overwhelmingly depressing and I can't find the right words to express how awful it is.

And because Congress remains basically supine. Which is also depressing.

And because the press is still treating most of these scandals as one-day stories on page 23. Which is also depressing.

But even in this fog of despond, I have to draw your attention to Marty Lederman's excessively fine post today, “The Underdeveloped Jurisprudence of the Forcing/Pouring Distinction”.

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One Response to The Groupthink of Evil

  1. abu says:

    Perhaps converting to Islam would cure you of your depression. As you know, Islam is the religion of peace. As you are undoubtedly aware, the wise scholar you are, no Islamic nation engages in torture the way you Americans do. Islamic law is founded upon principles of equality and justice that I am certain you would approve of.

    In perusing your blog I see you are very much engaged in the jihad against the Great Satan…indeed I originally assumed you were Muslim! Please persist in your efforts to undermine the morale and confidence of the people of Satan. It is very clever how you write only negative things about the Satan.

    Your Mother was right, you are a very special person.

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