Oh Frabjous Day! Fafblog IS BACK!

Fafblog! is back!

It's time for another edition of BARACK OBAMA: THE FINAL THROES! Last week Giblets revealed the dangerous levels of pussification inherent in Obama's bowling skills and orange juice consumption while exploring the damage done by persistent rumors that the senator is secretly black. But this latest scandal has doomed the Obama campaign more than any dooming doom that has doomed it before, because this time Obama has Insulted America by saying that poor people in impoverished rural areas are somehow “bitter” about being poor and impoverished. For shame!

These people aren't “bitter.” Far from it! America's impoverished working class are a chipper and cheerful lot, prancing and scampering about their foreclosed homes and crumbling industrial sectors with a spirit of adorable pluckiness, smiling and laughing through their unemployment and their black lung disease like a pack of hardscrabble leprechauns!

That's why Giblets is so certain this final crippling blow to the Obama candidacy will be the finalest and most crippling of them all! By implying that the economic immiseration of America's rural underclass has made them somehow unhappy, Obama has alienated America's heartland!

(thanks to SH for the tip!)

…Have they really been gone since July 12, 2006? We needed them.

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  1. spinme says:

    Please get billmon / WhiskeyBar back. If you can bring Fafblog back to life you should be able to bring the Whiskey Bar back. Please, please, please put your mystical powers to work to bring billmon back to the blogosphere in time for this election cycle.

    Thanks for fafblog.

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