To Really Foul Up Requires a Computer

You can't make this stuff up.

Secret Airforce One flight data sent to Suffolk tourist web site:

SINCE 2001, the US air force has been sending highly confidential emails including the flight plan for the presidential jet, Air Force One, to an English factory worker who runs a Suffolk tourism website.

In the late 1990s, Gary Sinnott, of Mildenhall in Suffolk, near Cambridge, set up the website, to promote his hometown. He soon became inundated with emails meant for airmen at the US airbase at RAF Mildenhall, where personnel email addresses end in

It was all harmless enough when the emails were mundane messages to friends and silly videos, but soon Sinnott discovered that he was also getting battlefield strategies and military passwords sent straight to his inbox.

Note:, a mildly scurrilous but generally well-informed British technology e-rag is not to be confused with a supermarket tabloid of a similar name.

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2 Responses to To Really Foul Up Requires a Computer

  1. Joe says:

    And these are the same people who maintain nuclear missiles and airplanes with nuclear strike capability?

  2. Rob Heverly says:

    More details in the Norfolk UK newspaper that broke the story. Details here:

    Good find, Michael!

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