Second Life Claims Another Vicitm

After a very engaging start to his/her blogging career, Lucky Jim, J.D. wrote on Dec. 15, 2007 that s/he'd started to explore Second Life,

I’ve recently begun to explore Second Life. My cover story is that I’m engaged in fieldwork for socio-legal research on law and informal regulation in virtual communities. There’s more than a grain of truth in that. I am in fact interested in that topic, am in fact working on research in that vein, and do in fact believe there’s plenty of interest along those lines in Second Life. There’s even a Second Life Bar Association and a Second Life Law School.

But, the pathetic truth is that I’ve also found my initial forays to be surprisingly enjoyable.

And the blog hasn't been updated since.

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One Response to Second Life Claims Another Vicitm

  1. Lucky Jim says:

    SL isn’t to blame (though I am still there both for research and diversion). I started LJJD as a place to post snarky items about my academic life that I was unwilling to have appear under my real name on my primary (though little-read) blog. But then winter break came along and I was occupied with grading, and there wasn’t anything happening at Acorn Law School to snark about. So I let it lie fallow. Given such encouragement from one of my own favorite law professor bloggers, I will endeavor to raise poor Jim from his stupor.

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