Hussein, An All-American Name

Juan Cole takes us on a tour of Barack Hussein Obama, Omar Bradley, Benjamin Franklin and other Semitically Named American Heroes.

Not that this will stop the nonsense.

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  1. Dui says:

    I know that I am asking my political opposition to concede (yes, that is silly), but doesn’t the thought of having a president with “Hussein” as a middle name bother you at all? Just a little maybe?

    Yes, I am a Republican. I was wondering if I could support someone named perhaps “Ronald Hussein Reagan”. I know that I could, but it would still bother me.

    Just being honest.

  2. Tina says:

    Of course, some will try to turn his name against him, but he Obama has an impressive bunch of allies among his million supporters:

  3. It doesn’t bother me a bit, but I do have to admit I find it rather hilarious, a candidate going around demanding that people not call him by his full name. If that sort of thing bothers him, he’s going to go catatonic when the campaign begins in earnest.

  4. Michael says:

    Has the candidate (or an official spokesperson for the campaign) actually done that? Can you cite to one single example of this?

    I thought this all came from patriotic 3rd parties (and the occasional media critic).

  5. Tracy@Miami says:

    It is pure racism to degrade someone because of his name…..

  6. Go Democrats says:


    Normally I despise every posting you make due to your ignorance and your inability to grasp simple political concepts of how the whole process works, nevertheless, I feel the need to respond to your request for an example of when someone used Obama’s middle name Hussein. Go to the following website and you can learn a little about it.

    I have to admit, your postings (in the past week or so) have been a bit more coherent and educational rather than the usual distorted smut you seem to find. Perhaps you are finally heeding my advice?

  7. Go Democrats says:

    Oh and Michael, in case you didn’t know, Bill Cunningham, who referred to Obama as Barack Hussein Obama was doing so to introduce McCain at a rally. It was not coincidence, in fact it was set up in part by McCain, so that McCain could then play the good cop and denounce the use of the word “Hussein.” Of course, the good cop acting job would come only after the seed had been planted in the minds of every voter.

    This may be of course, too far out of the box for you to understand, nevertheless I figure I would give it a shot.

  8. michael says:

    It’s obvious the McCain campaign is playing a double game of both wanting to say nasty things about Obama and also have deniability for them. I had thought, perhaps mistakenly, that Brett Bellmore meant that the Obama campaign had asked people not to use his middle name. That would be news to me.

    That the McCain campaign is being two-faced here is indeed well-documented. If that’s what BB meant, then I just misunderstood him.

    Incidentally, where did you learn your civility?

  9. Go Democrats says:


    Perhaps this may shed some light on your potential misunderstanding.

    It may not be exactly what you are looking for, but it’s the closest I have.

    Oh and I do act quite civil, the only thing uncivil on your beloved website are your ridiculous, totally biased, unethical, distorted, corrupt, and dirty postings. For more adjectives, go to

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