It is ridiculously difficult in Windows XP to map a network drive to a Webdav-enabled folder on the Internet that is password protected.

Having tried and failed to do so on two computers, despite trying a host of client-side hacks, I'm grumpy about it.

Thanks to two of said hacks, I can see the folder as a “network connection” but even so I still can't map it. Alas, I need to map it to make some convenient things happen.

And, yes, I should use Unix. But I depend on WordPerfect…

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One Response to Grrr.

  1. bemused says:

    Two things: Run Word Perfect in an XP virtual machine.

    Secondly, last time I tried to do this, I found a patch that made xp work. Now it appears a seurity setting may block it. I haven’t tried it but here is a page that seems to offer a suggestion.

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