A Tale From the Forked Tongue Express

Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director, takes a ride on the Forked Tongue Express, and writes that John McCain Should Be Ashamed. Here's the start:

I have just listened to carefully coached staff members for Senator John McCain lie repeatedly about the Senator's failure to show up and vote on the first Senate economic-stimulus package, which included tax incentives for clean energy. I am in a state of shock not because of the Senator's vote, although that disappointed me, nor over his desire to avoid public accountability for that vote — that's politics. But to carefully coach your Senate staff (I assume the Chief of Staff, not the Senator, was the author of this shameful performance) in how to mislead callers in such depth is appalling, and surprising, because it was almost certain to be found out.

He's got details.

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  1. thought_police says:

    Where are your posts about Billary’s duplicity and control over her staff? Are you nothing more than a partisan shill, or will your blog start criticizing democrats from time to time? Oops, I didn’t read carefully. I see the post is criticizing a democrat! So sorry, keep up the good work.

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