The Tyranny of Systems Think

It's a risky thing to do on the day of the NH primary, when in all likelihood the results — whatever they are — will bring forth a flood of bloggy eloquence, but here goes: I nominate the following blog post at Calculated Risk, a post which has nothing to do with politics, only a little to do with the mortgage crisis, and everything to do with the tyranny of corporate (or, really, any) systems and mental blinders, as the best blog post of the day.

Turns Out Judges Don't Like “Efficient” Servicers

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4 Responses to The Tyranny of Systems Think

  1. Joe says:

    Can you say “Contempt of court” followed by “sanctions” and “Disciplinary letters?”

  2. Mojo says:

    An important story well told. Thanks for tipping us to it.

  3. dilbert dogbert says:

    The great thing about CR is that CR and Tanta stick around and engage the commenters. No post and run. Tanta is great with the colorful language. Bongwater anyone? UberNerd anyone?

  4. Wreck says:

    Good blog, never seen that one before and i must say i got caught up reading it for far longer than my lunch break allowed.

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