The Republican Debates According to a 9-Year Old

According to a Daily Kos diarist, this is a genuine 9-year old's rendition of yesterday's Republican debate. Apparently, it was too hard for the poor kid to keep track of the names, so he recorded the participants as “Sarge, Wrinkles, Bunny Ears, Oily, Beagle Eyes and Carrot Face.”

Read it and see if you can guess which is which…

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3 Responses to The Republican Debates According to a 9-Year Old

  1. fishbane says:

    OK, that was really, really funny.

    I love “Bunny Ears”. Not Bunny Ears himself, mind you.

  2. longtimereaderfirsttimecommentator says:

    This blog is definitely at its best when you defer your political commentary to those with more insight. Free D.Marvin!

  3. Bret Fausett says:

    What’s funny about that is how well you can find your closest republican candidate by reading the blurbs. I was all Beagle eyes, and not surprised to find it was Huckabee.

    — Bret

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