MTV Picks UM Student as Florida Rep for National Vlogger Program

MTV has just set up a national corps of citizen-journalist vloggers: they've hired a young person from every state and DC to do weekly video reports covering politics in their state.

Florida's correspondent is Anthony Wojtkowiak, a fourth-year student in UM's Communications program,

I am a fourth year Video-Film Honors student in the School of Communication at the University of Miami. This year I will travel to Dominican Republic and Kenya to do journalistic reports about projects meant to help the poor. I was an intern and am now a consultant for Knight Foundation. I also edit a web site at University of Miami called It has tools and ideas for how to get involved in activist causes, but is unfortunately down for repairs right now. I was a Resident Assistant in Pearson Residential College for three years and I really enjoy impacting people's lives positively. I hope to be a postive role model for young people, and I hope to make a difference and find other people who will do the same.

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